Fancy Colour Diamonds: The Magic of Mother Nature

25 Nov , 2020
You need not be a jewellery connoisseur to know that diamonds are one of the most sought-after and desired objects in the world, and (almost always) at the top of that list are nature's most incredible gift: fancy colour diamonds!

The six "heroes" of the Argyle Diamond Mine - a mine in Western Australia set to close operations by the end of 2020 that is home to 90% of the world's prized pink diamonds.

Large, vivid fancy colour diamonds are extremely rare and valuable. The most famous of these gems have made headlines around the world by fetching astronomical prices at auction. This can lead one to believe that fancy colour diamonds are an unattainable market. Luckily, this is far from true, as not all stones command such high prices. This is good news for Ottawa gem lovers who want to discover the astonishing world of fancy colour diamonds!

A stunning fancy pink halo engagement ring.

Only 1 in every 10,000 diamonds has what is considered to be a “fancy colour.” Typically, a colourless diamond’s value depends on its grading amongst the 4C’s: clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight. When it comes to colourless diamonds in GIA’s D-to-Z colour range, they usually decrease in value as the colour becomes more obvious. However, just the opposite happens with fancy colour diamonds. Their value generally increases with the strength and purity of their colour.

Since fancy colour diamonds come in all colours (and hues!) of the rainbow, there is always one suitable for each individual. To understand the true variety of colours, one should compare the shades available in natural colour diamonds with the palette of a painter - there isn’t a colour that doesn’t exist! Aside from the misconception that diamonds are colourless, people also think of colour diamonds as unaffordable. This may be the case for fancy intense or vivid colour diamonds. However, there are always other options! Pink and blue diamonds for example, are extremely rare. But by accepting a modifying colour, such as grey mixed in blue diamonds, can make them much more affordable to the general public. Brown and grey diamonds are more common, thus the addition of a secondary tone reduces the price dramatically.

Let’s discover the different colour categories of colour diamonds! We’ve grouped them by the rarity of their colour:


Brown: From subtle champagnes to rich cognacs, brown diamonds are the new classic. Their golden tones make them a softer, gentler alternative to the colourless diamond. And their neutral colour makes them the perfect choice for fashion jewellery with a contemporary feel. Good news for rose gold lovers, brown diamonds look amazing in a rose gold setting!

A beautiful chocolate diamond from Novel Collection.

Howard Fine Jewellers custom brown diamond and rose gold bangle.

Grey: Perfect for those looking for a diamond that combines metallic hues with brightness and transparency. There are infinite expressions when it comes to grey diamonds! Often referred to as charcoal, steel, slate, silver, and pigeon grey, their colour level intensities range from light grey to fancy deep grey. Growing in popularity, grey diamonds are the ideal choice for those who set the trends, not follow them.A stunning natural fancy grey diamond surrounded by a halo of Argyle pink diamonds

Black diamonds are opaque diamonds with a black colour that come in only one color-intensity: Fancy Black. Natural fancy black diamonds are indeed more rare than common colourless diamonds. There are 2 kinds of black diamonds in the marketplace; diamonds that develop their natural black colour during their formation deep beneath the earth's surface, and diamonds that are enhanced to display a black colour. While they are by no means the rarest occurring colour in nature, they are one of the most valued for their artistic beauty and dark allure.
Howard Fine Jewellers black diamond criss cross ring.

Black diamond rose gold huggie earrings.

Very Rare

Yellow: Yellow diamonds have captured the sun’s rays like no other gemstone. The dramatic and brilliant glow of these diamonds makes them a red carpet favourite among celebrities, and as a result, is the most widely known of colours.Howard Fine Jewellers Split Shank Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Extremely Rare

Pink: Pink diamonds range from delicate pastel to deep raspberry. Pink diamonds are the most feminine of colours and are typically associated with romance. These extremely rare diamonds have long been revered by Hollywood stars and today are the hot favourite of collectors and connoisseurs. Pink diamonds are increasing in rarity since the Argyle mine, where most pink diamonds come from, is closing. A famous example of a pink diamond is The Pink Star (pictured below).

The rare 59.6 carat Pink Star Diamond.

Beautiful fancy pink and white drop earrings.

Green: Pure green diamonds are extremely rare and highly valued, ranging from light mint greens to vivid forest greens. Only a handful of natural green diamonds are introduced into the market each year, making green diamonds some of the most sought after of all natural colour diamonds! A famous example of a green diamond is The Dresden Green (pictured below).

Orange: The vibrancy and energy of orange diamonds is unrivaled. The colour these gems range from are that of the changing seasons to the bold colour of the popular orange fruit. Few people, however, have ever seen a pure orange diamond because the stones are so rare and elusive!

Most Rare

Blue: The powerful colour of the sea and sky meet in these exceptional gems. Blue diamonds are considered extremely rare and mysterious. They range from the light blue sky of a winter’s day to the deep blue of the ocean. A famous example of a blue diamond is The Hope Diamond (pictured below).

The famous Hope Diamond is an impressive 45.52 carats

A stunning fancy blue and green diamond "moi et toi" ring. 

Red: The rarest of the rare. Red diamonds are so rare that only a handful are known to exist! Symbolizing passion and intense love, red diamonds are thought to inspire a magic that lasts a lifetime. A true, pure red diamond does not resemble a ruby, a garnet, or any other red gemstone in terms of the colour. A red diamond’s colouring is slightly gentler. A famous example of a red diamond is the Argyle Isla (pictured below).

Purple: From plum, to orchid, to lavender, and violet, purple diamonds are considered one of the most rare fancy colour diamonds and a “must have'' for diamond collectors. This regal colour represents nobility and luxury, and is said to bring guidance, inspiration and wisdom. Purple diamonds may be super rare, but are not very popular since many people are not aware that they even exist! This makes purple diamonds some of the most well-kept secrets of the gem world.

Whether you’re exploring your options for holiday gifting, an engagement ring, or been on the hunt for a rare and special piece for your own collection, we recommend exploring the unrivaled beauty of fancy colour diamonds. Both highly collectable and investment quality, a fancy colour diamond is the answer to a one-of-a-kind gift that is as rare and unique as the person you’ve chosen to gift it to! Our experts are delighted to offer you an exciting experience discovering the wide range of colours, sizes, and price points available.

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