Howard Fine Jewellers is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Rolex-trained watchmakers. As an Official Rolex Authorized and Plaque Certified Service Center, the watchmakers in our cutting-edge workshops are trained according to strict excellence criteria and assessed regularly by Rolex. Follow the link below to learn more about Servicing your Rolex.

The Watch Lab is open during all regular store hours. Whenever the doors of the store are open, you can rest assured there is always a watchmaker on site to serve you and answer any questions you may have. Whether you are looking to service a modern timepiece or restore life to a treasured family heirloom, our watchmakers are pleased to serve you and help guide you through the options at your disposal for the service, conservation, or restoration your fine timepiece. 

The Watch Lab also provides a number of on-the-spot services that can be performed while you wait, including water resistance testing, battery changes, and watch bracelet repairs or sizings. Enjoy a complimentary cup of premium, freshly ground coffee from our in-house bar and try on one of the latest masterpieces from Rolex, or discover that perfect gift for your spouse, while our expert staff attends to your watch. 

If you are a professional or recreational diver, we also offer a one day service for ensuring the waterproofness of your diver's watches, with pressurized wet tests rated up to depths of 1200 metres (120 bar) of water resistance. Highly recommended, to ensure the continued safety of your watch's delicate inner workings, before your next vacation or deep sea venture.  

Our watchmakers are world class, trained in the most up to date European techniques at some of the foremost technical colleges and horological institutes in Canada and the United States. We continue to invest in keeping their knowledge and skill up to date each year through various horological establishments, including the AWCI, NAWCC, and WOSTEP, as well as brand specific training for many of the world's premiere watch manufacturers. 

From cutting edge watches, like the Tissot T Touch, to mechanical complications, including chronographs and minute repeaters, each of our watchmakers has their own set of specialties. The work we undertake is divided and focused, according to their areas of expertise, to ensure the utmost quality of service on your behalf. If there is ever any uncertainty about our watchmakers' ability to undertake a particular restoration or service, we will be forthright in letting you know and will inform you of alternative options whereby the work can be carried out by an expert. In all but the most extreme instances, the work can be carried out on site by our skilled watchmakers, saving you both money and time.   

In a day and age where many fine jewellers no longer staff a watchmaker, it can be difficult to find a skilled craftsman who is capable of undertaking the demanding and precise work required to breath new life into a high grade timepiece. Howard Fine Jewellers is a gem among jewellers. Not only can you observe the intricate work unfold and take shape before your eyes in our glassed in Time Lab in the center of the store, but you can speak with and shake the hand of the very craftsman who poured their heart and soul into the restoration of your fine timepiece. Our watchmakers are passionate about their craft. You can hear it in their voices and see it in the work that their hands produce. When you trust your watch to HOWARD you can rest at ease, knowing your timepiece is in good hands.