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1. Get an Estimate 2. Verification & Firm Offer 3. You Get Paid
Fill out the form below to begin the process. One of our on-site specialists will reach out to you through the contact details you provide within 1-2 business days with a tentative offer. Following your receipt of the tentative offer, you can book an appointment to bring your Tudor in to our boutique. One of our on-site watchmakers will authenticate and evaluate the condition of your timepiece. Our buyer will then prepare a firm offer.
Upon your acceptance of the offer from our buyer we will pay you the agreed upon amount in full.


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Filling out and submitting the form below will add this inquiry to sell your Tudor to your cart. There is no charge for this service. You can add multiple inquiries to your cart if you have more than one timepiece to sell. Contact details by which you would like our team to reach out to you with an initial offer will be collected during the normal checkout process. Our use of the information you submit is governed by our privacy policy.

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