Why We've Fallen For Crisscut Diamonds!

Why We've Fallen For Crisscut Diamonds!

What could be more exciting (or nerve wracking!) than starting your search for the perfect diamond? For over 50 years, our HOWARD team has had the pleasure of guiding many couples through this very special shopping experience. There are endless tips out there on buying the diamond of your dreams. What if we told you that you could have a brighter, whiter looking diamond AND one that looks up to 50% larger without having to trade down on size or quality to meet your budget range? Does this sound too good to be true? Let us introduce you to: Christopher Designs Crisscut® Diamonds!


With his unique blend of old-world technique and modern technology, Christopher Designs creates some of the most luxurious designs in the jewellery industry today. The Brilliant Crisscut® earned its trademark for remarkable, innovative engineering.



Christopher Slowinski founded Christopher Designs in 1981. Originally trained in engineering, Slowinski started to apply engineering principles to the cutting of a diamond. After years of studying light performance, reflection and refraction of light within a diamond, then exacting the proportions and angles of the facets, he made a brilliant discovery. Slowinski discovered that if the proportions and facets of a diamond were modified to precise angles and sizes, the light return would be superior AND it would not be necessary to have so much weight hidden in a place it wouldn’t be seen.


The result? A brighter, whiter-looking diamond that is larger in surface area than other diamonds of equal carat weight!





Slowinski’s L’Amour Crisscut® diamonds, available in a variety of shapes, place more of the diamond into the visible area, resulting in a diamond that appears up to 50% larger! The size difference is astonishing when a 1.00 carat L’Amour Crisscut diamond is placed next to a 1.00 carat standard emerald-cut diamond. Another benefit of this unique “broader” cut and faceting is that because light travels through a shallower area to be reflected, the stone appears whiter and brighter, bursting with colour and sparkle!


Because of this proprietary cutting, couples no longer need to choose between a larger diamond or a high quality look that is bright white. They can have both!



The Crisscut® Original diamonds are available in 4 Shapes: Emerald, Asscher, Cushion and Round:

The Crisscut® Original diamonds are available in 4 Shapes: Classic, Cushion, Oval and Pear:


Are you ready to see the Crisscut® difference in person? Book your in-store appointment and connect with one of our Diamond Specialists through the link hereor contact us at the link below!



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