The HOWARD Custom Design Q&A!

The HOWARD Custom Design Q&A!

Custom Design work is a major part of our world at Howard Fine Jewellers! We’re proud to say that what truly makes us different is our on-site factory complete with a team of world-class Master Goldsmiths, and our on-site gemological laboratory equipped with a full-time GIA Accredited Gemologist. Our ability to manufacture, repair, restore and source precious gemstones for any piece of custom made jewellery allows us to work hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire process, ensuring we’ve found options that best meet your requirements and budget.

We recognize that the idea of custom designing or re-designing your own piece of fine jewellery opens the door to many questions! We took the liberty of putting together a list of our most frequently asked custom design questions that we hope you will find valuable in making the decision to start your very own custom design experience. 


From The Bench: Progress captured from the point of view of our Master Goldsmiths.

Q - How much will my custom piece cost?

A - Since every custom made jewellery piece is one-of-a-kind, all costs vary. Costs are determined by factors such as preferred metal karat and quantity, costs of precious stones, and amount of labour. We build our quotes by respecting your budget, while ensuring quality is not compromised.


Q - How long will it take to create my custom piece?

A - It takes approximately 4 weeks to complete a custom design. However, we are flexible and do our best to accommodate rush requests!


Q - Is custom design more expensive than a ready to wear piece?

A - We believe the experience of creating something uniquely for you should be accessible to everyone. Without compromising our reputation for excellence in our craft and service, we offer competitive pricing to pieces that are available from the show-case, online, or from other retailers.

The Jewellery Sisters: Co-owners Stephanie & Lindsay Appotive proudly pictured in their on-site factory at Howard Fine Jewellers! HOWARD has been Ottawa's premier jeweller for over 50 years, and is now second generation female owned!


Q - Can I use my own precious metals and gemstones?

A - Yes, we can certainly incorporate your existing precious gemstones into your custom made jewellery piece! We recommend bringing any precious metals or gemstones that you would like to incorporate to your consultation. Once assessed, our experts will determine what can be used in creating your custom design piece.

Due to variations in alloys, we do not recommend re-using precious metals directly in a custom design. Alloys are the non-gold or non-platinum portions of the metal. For example, 18K is 75% gold, and the other 25% is made up of alloys. Sometimes, these alloys do not mix well with others, or are better suited to certain manufacturing processes. As a result, we cannot guarantee the quality of a piece when re-using precious metals. However, we do offer a competitive trade-in of gold and platinum pieces for custom designs.


Q - Where will my custom piece be made?

A - Your custom design piece will be made by our world-class master goldsmiths in our in-house factory! Located in the heart of downtown Ottawa on the historic Sparks Street Mall, Howard Fine Jewellers is equipped with a full in-house factory. We welcome you to discover our in-house factory to see where your piece will be made.


Q - Who will be making my custom piece?

A - Through innovative technology and a wealth of talent and experience, our team of Master Goldsmiths bring your piece to life. Your jewellery is in the hands of the masters of this craft. Every custom piece is handcrafted with the highest quality standards.


Q - How involved will I be in the process of custom design?

A - From design concepts, to hand picking your precious materials, discovering our in-house factory, and everything in between, we invite you to join us through every step of the custom design process. It is always your choice when it comes to your custom design experience!


Q - Who should I see to help me bring my design to life?

A - Any of our sales or service professionals will happily assist you in bringing your custom design piece to life. Our team of passionate jewellery makers near you will guide you through the HOWARD custom design process to create the perfect piece that is uniquely yours. 

A glowing review from our happy clients Alex & Sophie! Fun fact: This one-of-a-kid Emerald Tree engagement ring was hand carved by our Master Goldsmith Grant. Each marking is unique and there will never be another one like it!

Are you ready to begin your own unique custom design experience with HOWARD? We invite you to call or visit our showroom - no appointment necessary and consultations are always free!



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