Jewellery Restoration

At HOWARD, we understand how sentimental jewellery can be.  Our service centre professionals and master goldsmiths are experts in the repairing and remaking of treasured pieces. 

Over time jewellery wears out and must be restored in order to be enjoyed by the wearer and future generations.  It takes a very skilled jeweller to be able to accurately remake and restore sections of a worn heirloom. 

Flawless Jewellery Remake and Remodelling in Ottawa

What makes your jewellery so unique? Is it just about the sentimental value, or does your love of your heirlooms and fashion pieces run even deeper?
Although there’s no denying the emotional connotations of your favourite accessories and ornaments, their aesthetic appearance is just as important. When the passage of years threatens your rings, bracelets and other accoutrements, talking to

Ottawa’s Premier Jewellery Experts

What sets Howard Fine Jewellers & Custom Designers apart? Our professionals have unmatched experience, but they also care about their craft.
To us, every precious brooch, necklace or wedding band that we touch is a work of art that deserves treatment as such. Even the best craftsmanship can succumb to the ravages of time and ongoing use. We commit ourselves to making improvements and restorations that correct such damage no matter how severe.
Our skilled jewellers, goldsmiths and technicians are known for their dependability and artistry. With a vast portfolio of work that speaks for itself and proves our wide-ranging mastery of diverse styles, you can rely on us to solve remodelling challenges that nobody else can.

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Your old heirlooms may have lost their sparkle, but we’re prepared to remake them so that it’s as if they never aged a day after their creation. We gear our services towards helping you bridge the gap between the past and the present by preserving your accessories, and we’re incredibly honoured to work on your worn pieces.
To us, it doesn’t matter whether your watches, bridal sets or other items are merely bent out of shape or broken into multiple sections. The Howard Fine Jewellers team is ready to get to work remaking them, and our remodelling services also give you the chance to modify or personalize your pieces. Find out how by visiting our Ottawa workshop at 220 Sparks Street soon.